Peppermint Tea – Good For What Ails You…

Take a look at a recent video I made about the medicinal qualities of Peppermint.  Although the video is a bit lighthearted in nature, I was very surprised with some of the information that turned up during my research, especially when it came to the effects of Peppermint on abdominal health.  My girlfriend and I were both interested in finding out whether the claims would pan out.  We started having a glass of Peppermint Tea, courtesy of the Timothy’s Peppermint Tea K-Cup, after each meal.

Needless to say, we have been amazed at the results.  Soothing on the stomach and absolutely perfect as an aid to digestion.  If you have suffered from any kind of stomach issue, I urge you to give Peppermint Tea a try, especially if you are considering medication for your problem.  We have a great deal on Timothy’s Peppermint Tea K-Cups at for those of you that own a Keurig Brewer.

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